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Foal therapy!

My wonderfully kind-hearted beautiful 11 yr old son has ADHD and has had a REALLY tough week at school with relentless name calling. He was totally overwhelmed when he came home last night, and went missing for a short time ....this is where we found him!

I bred this wonderful colt out of my quirky 16.1hh Irish Sport Horse mare, by a 14.2hh show pony, in the hope of breeding something under 15.2hh. The “foal leg test” puts him around 15hh. (Yay!)

There were those who thought I was bonkers putting a blood show pony on this mare to breed a pony for my son, but I knew she was a sweetheart really, and a bit lazy if anything, so a bit of oomph wouldn’t go amiss! I couldn’t be more delighted with this boy’s temperament!

My son is at his best around animals and I think these two are going to be a force to be reckoned with in whatever discipline they decide to do!

*EDIT* Thank you for sharing! I’d love to send them viral and show him that people can see the boy behind the ADHD and also show the name-callers the human side of the story.

Who knows maybe we’ll get this photo into Horse & Hound! Wouldn’t that be fabulous!

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